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Craft Distillery Tours, who are we and why are we here? Well there is a new movement sweeping the country, it is fast moving, and a resource was needed. All across the US the laws are changing and small distilleries are being allowed to open. These distilleries range from very small intimate places to larger venues that can even host a wedding. Most of the Craft Distillers welcome you to come in, learn about distilling, tour their distillery, partake in tastings, and buy products. Of course laws vary by state so we always recommend you check our website and the distiller’s website for accurate and current Tour and Tasting information.

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After you have taken a couple dozen Distillery tours or browsed through our website you will see distilleries really run the gamut. From the smallest micro-distilleries in small buildings that make very small batches and just 1-2 spirits products to very elaborate facilities spanning many acres of property. You will find many creative distillers have secured very interesting and often historic buildings or locations to house their operations. Some are factory or industrial type buildings re-purposed into amazing spaces. Some Craft Distilleries are located on large properties with multiple buildings. Some are even located on the same property as an older distillery perhaps closed during Prohibition.

How do I find a Craft Distillery Tour in my State or area.

Our site is perfect for you, you can search your local area, a region, or a specific state or city. Our site is map driven so zoom in or use the advanced search feature for specific searches.

Products made by Smaller Distilleries or Micro-Distilleries

Some distilleries open with a specific product in mind and will devoted their attention make a great Whiskey, or Vodka. They may have the perfect local water for a product or an element such as a locally grown grain or fruit they wish to use. By doing so the distiller can have almost complete control over their product, in some case from Grain-to-Glass. Many distilleries start with products that do not require aging such as Vodkas, Moonshines, Un-aged Whiskeys (Moonshine), Rums,  and Gins. With the cost of starting even a small distillery being fairly high, un-aged products provide a way to start producing products and revenue immediately!  Distillers may immediately or later begin to age spirits in barrels for later sale. These are the Bourbons, Whiskeys, and other spirits that many believe benefit from barrel aging.

What you will find amazing is the variety and creativity Micro-Distillers can imagine and then create. As you browse through craftdistillerytours.com take note of products that are being produced and the amazing ingredients being combined. If you visit some of the distiller’s websites you will also find many have posted hundreds of interesting drink recipes.

Find Distillery Tours

We hope to be a great resource to you and the most up to date and information filled website about distilleries and distillery tours. Not every Distillery we list offers tours, and not all are Micro-Distilleries but all are interesting and most all produce products that are part of the current trend of small-batch distilled spirits. You are sure to find a favorite distillery as well as new favorite products.

For Craft Distillers

If you see your distillery listed then Great we have done our job. Please register on the site and then claim your listing so you can edit content and update tour information. If you do not see your distillery listed please email us at info@craftdistillerytours.com  or submit your information via our contact form.


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