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The BuonCello line of creamy liqueurs is manufactured and distributed by a family owned and operated business in Bethel, CT.

While spending a school year abroad with a host family in southern Italy, our daughter experienced the delicious taste of creamy lemoncellos. Served routinely as the finale to pranzo (lunch), their most important gathering of the day, it perfectly embodies the essence of the unique Italian approach to living, otherwise known as La Dolce Vita.

After she returned home, we began experimenting with various fruit combinations of our own. We look forward to you enjoying a taste of Italy while sipping a glass of BuonCello with family and friends.

Please explore our website and discover how versatile BuonCello can be, served straight-up, or as an ingredient in cocktails. If you have any questions or comments, we’d love to hear from you! Visit our “Get In Touch” page and send us a note! A Salute!!

BuonCello Products

BuonCello Lemon
Take a sip of this classic flavor while you close your eyes and become fully immersed in the aroma of the lemons. It will be sure to immediately take you to the sunny Amalfi coastline on the deep blue Mediterranean. The silky, cream-like texture will leave you refreshingly satisfied.
BuonCello Lemon Mint
The combination of the classic lemon flavor and the refreshing mint taste makes this drink perfect for any day. The minty aftertaste will leave you desiring more.
BuonCello Orange
Like a kiss from the sun, this drink gives life to a special moment in your day.  It is a celebration of Orange zest and creamy delight. Lush, smooth and silky.
BuonCello Orange Pineapple
This twist on the Orange flavor combines orange zest with fragrant fresh pineapple to create an irresistible varietal of BuonCello™

BuonCello Tours

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