Industry City Distillery

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Industry City Distillery

Distilled from sugar beets on equipment we designed and built by hand right here in Brooklyn, NY, Industry Standard boasts a flavor profile as unique as the process we use to make it. The nose hints at subtle fruits, with layered complexity beneath. On tasting, light florals open up into a warm, smooth flavor and rich texture, and finish with delicious fruit notes, hints of vanilla, and a touch of spice.

We built a radical process from the ground up−a new way of making vodka that allows us to create intricate flavors, separate them with precision, and blend only the best into each batch.

Industry Standard is a vodka specifically designed to have a flavor all of its own. To take advantage of the fruity aromas, subtle sweetness and exceptionally smooth finish, we try to use our unusual vodka in drinks that compliment its complexity. Of course our favorite way to enjoy Industry Standard is neat… and maybe with some oysters.

Industry City Distillery is a project of The City Foundry and shares a space in Brooklyn’s Industry City with the research, development and support systems the Foundry provides. Not many distilleries have a laboratory, a machine shop, or a letterpress studio, but our operation wouldn’t exist without them.

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Industry City - Distillery Tours

Come see how our unusual distillery works. From our immobilized cell bioreactor fermentation system to our custom built fractional and continuous stills - this tour explains it all. Tours are an hour or so long and include a walk through of the distillery, Q+A with the distillers, and of course a vodka tasting! Our hard hat tour also takes you behind the scenes of the distillery to see the labs and shops of The City Foundry where we build and develop our equipment.

If you're interested in the machines that make the machines that make our vodka, you have to see it in person!

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