Van Brunt Stillhouse

6 Bay Street - 1st Floor Brooklyn NY 11231


Van Brunt Stillhouse

Van Brunt Stillhouse is located in Red Hook Brooklyn and is producing hand crafted spirits for New York City.
Rum from minimally processed sugar cane.
Grappa from Red Hook Winery’s wine skins.
Whiskey from New York State grains.

Van Brunt Stillhouse History

Cornelius Van Brunt was one of the founding fathers of Breukelen.   He and his family farmed the land along the Gowanus Creek and helped forge the eclectic society that became Brooklyn.  Centuries later, in the 1800’s, the Brooklyn waterfront hosted gin, rum and whiskey distilleries.   Van Brunt Stillhouse honors the pioneering spirit of Brooklyn with hand crafted, artisanal spirits created on the Red Hook waterfront.

Van Brunt Stillhouse Products

Due North Rum – Due North Rum is carefully created with organic, unprocessed sugar.  While most sugar is grown on plantations and manufactured in industrial processing plants, our sugar was grown by small family farmers and dried in the sun.

Rum has a long history in New York and America.   The fledgling colonies were cash poor and recognized the economic opportunity in importing the waste product of their sister colonies in the Caribbean and producing a much sought after product on the world market. Van Brunt Stillhouse is bringing rum back to the northeast with Brooklyn’s own rum: Due North Rum.

Sailors at sea were once afforded a ration of rum every day.   It was their pay.   Usually the Grog was more water than rum, but when they had performed valiantly or had seen heavy weather or a bruising fight, the captain would dole out a little more fortitude in the ration.  When the ration was pure rum, the sailors would say the ration was “Due North”.

Due North Rum’s delicate profile and it’s unique aging process gives this rum appeal to whiskey drinkers nd rum drinkers alike.

Red Hook Grappa– We are very excited to have our grappa in stores now!  At Dry Dock in Red Hook and at Goat Town, we have a grappa made from Red Hook Winery grape skins.

Elsewhere, we are offering a grappa made in collaboration with Lieb Cellars on the North Fork.  It’s a single varietal made from Pinot Blanc.

Van Brunt Stillhouse Whiskey is in stores now! The Stillhouse smells amazing!  New American whiskey in the fermentors and all the malty goodness in the air.

Van Brunt Stillhouse Tours

Please come down to Red Hook and see how the Whiskey and Rum are made.  We're happy to accommodate walk ins but please book it in advance to guarantee a place on a tour.

The Stillhouse is located at:

6 Bay Street - 1st Floor, Brooklyn, NY 11231

Tasting room is open from 1-5 on Saturday and most Sundays.

Always call ahead for Tour, Tasting Hours, and Additional Information

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