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Red Cedar Spirits

Kris Berglund, a chemical engineering professor at Michigan State University has been there since the laws began changing, working to combine his expertise and interests and help the university find opportunities in agriculture. The idea of distilling was curbed when they first approached it but as the fees began to drop, so did the barriers. What started as a distilling program through the university, evolved over the years. When Berglund and MSU decided to go commercial, Red Cedar Spirits was born.

Red Cedar Spirits, a distillery and tasting room, serves artisan cocktails, all made from ingredients grown right in Michigan. According to Berglund, Red Cedar follows a “farm to bottle” principle. Anything they serve has to be made on the premises and everything added to their drinks is made from local ingredients. Because of this policy, they are known for their “fresh cocktail.”

While Red Cedar Spirits is the largest distillery in Michigan, Berglund says, “The Lansing area is still underserved (pun intended).” Berglund wants to help other people find their way in the complicated industry. His workshops are designed to help people get started and understand the industry, and bring more people into the trade through the Beverage Science and Technology specialization at MSU. They are also working closely with other distillers in Lansing including the gentlemen from American Fifth spirits, the first distillery in downtown Lansing.

Red Cedar Spirits Products

Rum, Vodka, Gin, Whiskey and Brandy

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