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Carolina Moon Distillery

Carolina Moon Distillery, LLC. is a South Carolina micro distillery, incorporated, licensed and located in Edgefield, South Carolina. We mash, distill, bottle, label and sell.. all on site at 116 Courthouse Square.
Not every ‘distillery’ can say that! In fact, there are companies in SC and around the USA who buy cheap distilled spirits from around the world, rectify it, purify it and re-bottle and sell it as something else…. We only sell what we make and you can even watch the whole process!Preserving the South’s Tradition of Fine Corn Whiskey!Edgefield Whiskey…..mean enough to make a Rabbit spit in a Bull Dog’s face! Coming soon.. 116 proof White Shine

Carolina Moon Distillery Products

Corn whiskey (Moonshine), lightly aged whiskey (Black Betty Whiskey) Fruit flavored Moonshine and coming soon.. 116 Proof White Moonshine

Edgefield County Corn in a mason jar at last!

Carolina Moon Distillery makes our spirits by hand in small batches. We  ensure that each individual batch meets our highest standards for quality. We actually bottle and package all of our products by hand. The pride we feel in  our products extends from selection of local ingredients, into the distillation process, right through to the finished product.

We are Edgefield County’s only licensed micro-distillery, also referred to as a craft  distiller or artisan distiller. We believe that a real  micro-distillery does not use commercially produced alcohol (known as NGS or neutral grain spirit) but creates it’s alcohol from raw materials like corn, grain or fruit. We believe that a real micro-distillery must actually own and use a still to produce their spirits.

Our production is limited and much smaller than that of large brands, but this allows us to retain a personal touch to everything we do and to personally ensure each and every batch of spirits is of the highest quality.

David F. Long and T. ‘Cal’ Bowie, Master Distillers and co-owners of Carolina Moon Distillery, along with their cousin Bill Hatch, have the mash barrels bubbling and converting Edgefield County corn into alcohol. They are also the mashers, tasting room store clerks, chief bottle washers, marketing directors, Chief of Operations, labelers and chief bottle fillers. They are involved in every aspect of the business and personally oversee each and every batch of  whiskey spirits produced by Carolina Moon Distiller.

In late 2013, after a tortuous year and a half of wrangling all sorts of issues such as site acquisition, building, codes design issues, remodeling and construction issues, the entire ATF lable approval process, training and education, and just plain dogged persistence, Carolina Moon Distillery was launched. They took possession of a custom made pot still and started cooking. Unlike aged whisky, white whiskey can be enjoyed almost immediately and that’s just what makes it so desirable and tasty.. its edge. David and Cal are both lifelong residents of Edgefield and enjoy being part of the revitalization of this great town.

Our spirits are made by hand, from grain to glass.   Unlike some so  called  ‘distillers’, we are distilling and bottling right here in Edgefield and only use 100% of our product in our hand bottled product, there is no blending from another alcohol distillery. We sell only the best of our run. There was a reason many folks tried home distilled and that once was enough. Major distillers use the entire run, we use only the Hearts which gives us and you, the best spirits available.

We invite you to visit us for a taste of our products and visit our distillery soon

Carolina Moon Distillery Tours

What are your hours of operation?

We are currently open on Tuesday through Saturday from 11- 5 pm, (and by special appointment). Closed Sunday and Monday.

How long does the tour last? Must I take the tour or can I just take a taste?

Distillery talk and tour* lasts approximately 10 minutes. The tour is free and optional. We have a little educational still affectionately known as 'Jerry Lee', which is located in the tasting room and is available for a closer look if that's all you are interested in.

Does the distillery tour cost anything?

No!  Our tour is totally FREE!

Always call ahead for Tour, Tasting Hours, and Additional Information

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