Petzold Distilleries

6461 Highway 212, Marshall, NC 28753, United States

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Petzold Distilleries

Petzold Distilleries was started in 2006 when Carl Petzold decided that he wanted to be able to make his own fuel. He started down the path to being able to produce extremely high proof ethanol in one distillation. Carl took learning the sciences behind disrillation and fermentation very seriously, and developed efficient fermintation methods and distillation equipment. This journey took Carl down many paths to being able to make fuel grade alcohol but, took a turn that Carl was not expecting. He found that he had also been able to distill a very fine beverage product as well. Because Carl’s educational roots being in the sciences that are the foundations of distillation and fermentation, he constructed his distillery to the strictest tolerances. This enabled him to identify the exact moment of phase changes during distillation, and separate the distillates that had traditionally made spirits harsh. With this revelation, he decided that making a fine beverage spirit would also be very cool thing to do in addition to being able to produce a Green Fuel for our environment. Carl knew that the nature of distillation initially yields toxins fit only for industrial use. In separating the phases of distillation, he discovered how to make the smoothest beverage spirits to be had, leaving the non-consumables for motor fuel.  While Carl was on his journey to get these products to the market, he knew he would need some help with this undertaking and along the way he partnered with Dr. Robert S. Easton Jr. and Knox and Donnette Franklin to be able to bring the company to fruition. Now Petzold Distilleries is producing two beverage products that include, Carl’s Carolina original Moonshine and Sorghum Spirits. Petzold Distilleries has grown to employ a number of people who share their collective enthusiasm for the industry, the Petzold Distilleries crew works daily with a passion for their craft.

Petzold Distilleries, LLC located in Marshall, NC is a company that only brings high quality beverage spirits to its customers by hand crafting its spirits with care, though we’re not your average craft distiller. Petzold Distilleries brings unique qaulity in every step of processing of all natural ingredients, directly from their source, through fermentation, right down to their distillation methods.

Petzold Distilleries Products

AppleJack Moonshine
Spiced Sorghum Rum

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