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Eight Oaks Craft Distillers

Here in the fertile Lehigh Valley we grow our own grains and source other ingredients from the farms of our friends and neighbors to give you a true seed to glass experience. Our name also has some roots to it. Let’s start with “Oaks.” The oak tree gives us the barrels that people have been using for centuries to age their spirits. Of course the oak is also a symbol of strength, nature and longevity.

Now the number 8 has always been significant in my family. My grandfather lived in a time when people wrote letters. He often worked away from home, and my dad told me the story of when his father wrote these letters, he would sign off with a number 8. He told him that the 8 was representative of the 8 letters in I Love You. When my dad wrote me letters as a kid, he continued the tradition, and I have carried that tradition on with my family. Now it’s not so much in letters as it is in the form of texts and emails, and yes, even Facebook posts and tweets. It has come to mean more than just I love you. It means I’m proud of you, I’m thinking about you and just generally a symbol of love and support. But more importantly, it is a direct tie back to my grandfather and my father, who have both since passed on but are always with us in spirit.

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Eight Oaks Craft Distillers Tours

Come join us on a tour to get a full access, behind the barrels, view of what goes on at the distillery! We’ll take you on a journey showing you every aspect of how our spirits evolve from seed to glass.
We will pour you a nice cocktail to start off the tour and then take you into the distillery for a hands-on experience of the complete distillation process, discuss some of the history and science behind distilling and finish up with a guided tasting. The distillery tour will take approximately one hour.

Private Tours – If you would like to get a private tour for you and your crew, just get a group of at least 10, and we will be glad to set it up for you. Private tours cost $20 per person. Email Carly at cpbutters@eightoaksdistillers.com for all the details and to schedule your private distillery tour.

Although our distillery tours are geared towards adults, anyone under 21 is welcome, as long as accompanied by an adult. Of course, you have to be 21 to enjoy a cocktail.

Always call ahead for Tour, Tasting Hours, and Additional Information

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