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3645 Lane Rd, Suite 203, Perry, Ohio, 40081

Doc Howard’s Distillery – Perry Ohio

Doc has been busy brewing with his wife acting as his right hand. If production stays on schedule Doc Howard’s Distillery should be open the first week of November. The exact date and time of the Grand Opening will be announced here shortly, so check back often. Cheers!

Open since 2016, Doc Howard’s Distillery is a micro distillery located in Perry, Ohio

At Doc Howard’s Distillery it is all about flavor. This means every step of our production has been carefully crafted and controlled by the outcome – taste! The preparation and fermentation has been customized to maximize the flavor of our products.  In the distillation process, only the highest quality and best flavor profiles of the distillate are used in our production. We then use our custom purification and aging process to refine our products into the final flavor profile we desire and you will love.

The distillation process has three key stages that Doc monitors to collect only the best production for our spirits.  The first product to come out is called the ‘foreshots’ which is where the nasty tastes come from in some other spirits. We discard them giving us a superior product.  Then comes the ‘heads’ which contain most of the flavor of the spirits: some good and some bad.  This is where Doc uses the taste of the product to determine what to keep and what to throw away.  The primary souce of alcohol is the next stage where Doc collects the  ‘hearts’.  Remember: the heads have the flavor but the hearts have the alcohol! Doc is very precise on when to start collecting and when to stop.  This is called ‘making the cuts’.  Taste is all about making the correct and most flavorful cuts.

The entire process is driven by the small distillery model that was prevalent before prohibition. In this model the spirits were produced by a family business and consumed locally. Doc Howard’s strives to use local materials in our spirit production to meet consumer taste profiles.

We will be opening later in 2016 so keeping checking this site for updates on our business.  When we do open, come in and sample our spirits and give us your opinions.  If we hear a good idea we can put it to use in the next batch Doc cooks up! The staff at Doc Howard’s has all the expertise needed to create any spirit to your liking.  Our only goal is to provide Northeast Ohio (and beyond) with spirits that they can call their own.

About Doc’s Howard’s Distillery – Past, Present and Future

Doc Howard was always curious about how and why things worked so he spent his childhood experimenting, tearing things apart and trying to make things better.  This was followed by six years of formal training in chemistry, physics and engineering and then more years exploring how to make things work or better.  In 1994 he became interested in doing the what others said couldn’t be done, make good wine from the local wild grape Vitis Riparia.  16 years later he accomplished this, at least to his satisfaction, and was looking for a new challenge.

In 2010 he visited his brother who is an avid scotch drinker and read a book on how to make scotch.  He found the distillation process facinating and spent the next two years researching every facet of the process and all of the spirits that could be produced.  When Doc retired from  37 years in the Nuclear Power  Industry he started to put his research into action.  He used the small local distilleries that were abundant before Prohibition as his model to use local material and produce spirits for local consumption.  His research led him to two conclusions. One, you can’t rush the mashing, fermenting, and distilling processes, the slower the better. Two, there was no need to wait years to enjoy  mature whiskeys.  There are ways, and he has perfected these, to be more efficient with your time.

In the future, Doc will add several more spirits to his collection. Doc will add a bourbon (yes, one made to the Feds definition), a flavored vodka, 100% malted and smoked barley whiskey (Scotch if made overseas) as well as other recipes still being experimented with in the lab.

In a return to traditional times when spirits were locally produced and consumed, come and enjoy Doc Howard’s spirits.  By the way, he gave himself the ‘Doc’ nickname and no one knows why.  Ask him when you see him at Doc Howard’s Distillery.

Doc Howard’s Distillery – Products

Doc’s Favorite Whiskey
This one is Doc’s favorite.  It is 100% malted rye with the usual long, slow mashing and fermentation to extract the full flavor profile of the rye.  Then Doc collects the spirits from the still according to taste.  This spirit is full of spice and rye flavor.  45% alc by vol

Tribute Whiskey-Bourbon Style
This whiskey is full of bourbon flavor. But, since it is not aged in the method dictated by the Feds, we can’t call it bourbon.  We use our innovative process to get this great bourbon flavor in a fraction of the time.  But we maintain traditional methods for the rest of the process as a ‘tribute’ to whiskey before prohibition watered it down. .  It is more then 50% corn with unmalted rye and malted barley making up the rest.   Don’t worry about the corn flavor, our slow mashing and fermentation gives it plenty.  45% alc by vol

Corn Whiskey
This whiskey is over the top with corn flavor.  It is of course 100% corn but the extra taste comes from using the heads from our vodka runs.  These heads are full of delicious flavor which the vodka doesn’t want but our corn whiskey loves!  45% alc by vol

Hot Poker Whiskey
Doc blends his favorite whiskey and his Tribute whiskey with the sweet taste of cinnamon.  35% alc by vol

Doc uses 100% corn to prepare the mash for his vodka.  It is distilled twice but Doc takes even greater care in collecting only the ‘hearts’ of the spirit coming from his stills.  This is to ensure all flavor is removed. But he doesn’t waste such wonderful flavors! Oh no.  He then uses these products in the corn whiskeys as meantioned above. The hearts-only vodka is then put through an acrtivated charcoal filter to produce the cleanest tasting vodka.  40% alc by vol

Doc starts with brown sugar and molasses to create both a golden rum and a spiced rum.  This recipe keeps the traditional rum flavor but it is on the lighter side.  The spiced rum is then infused with tropical spices and a little citris flavor. Our golden rum is infused with natural oak flavors.

Spiced rum   35% alc by vol

Golden rum  40% alc by vol

Maple Whiskey
When Doc was experimenting with a bourbon made with wheat instead of rye he created this Maple Whiskey.  He thought the whiskey was a little mild- the wheat mellowed it out- so he added some maple syrup and vanilla flavor.  He didn’t think much about it until one day a close friend with a very a well developed preference for Scotch and Irish Whiskies tried it and was amazed at how much he liked it.  Doc concluded that if the Maple Whiskey was good enough for Bob then it’s good enough to sell!

Maple Whiskey 40% alc by vol

Opening in 2016 - Check back for exact dates

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