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Letterpress Distilling

About Letterpress Distilling – Do you remember the last time you picked up a hand printed card? Think about the feel as you ran your thumb over the embossed letters. The cottony texture of the paper. The heft of the thing. It all said, “This was made by hand. This was made with care. This is quality.”

That’s what we hope we give you every time you open a bottle of Letterpress spirits and take your first sip. And your second. Quality. It’s what we share with you because it’s how we do things. From the first step when we carefully grind our locally sourced grains through each part of the process, every batch we make.

We hope you enjoy each sip you take as much as we enjoyed making it for you. And we hope that you share it with others because sharing good things with good people is what it’s all about.

Letterpress Distilling Products

Letterpress is a Seattle-based distillery focusing on making carefully crafted and exceptional small-batch distilled spirits, 100% from scratch.



Letterpress Distilling Tours

Saturdays: 12–6
Sundays: 12–6
Always available by appointment.
Please feel free to park in the distillery driveway while visiting the tasting room!

Always call ahead for Tour, Tasting Hours, and Additional Information

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