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Rain City Spirits

At Rain City Spirits we believe in challenging the status quo, we believe it is time for spirits to get back to their roots.

We do this by throwing out the traditional “rules” of  Liqueur production, and focusing strictly on quality and keeping to a sense of place.

Each step in the creation of Rain City Spirits  is carefully thought out with the end goal of simply producing the best products possible.

This philosophy combined with the amazing natural resources Washington provides allows us to create the most unique and amazing Coffee Liqueur and Vodka you will ever taste.

Rain City Vodka is created to be the cleanest most mixable Vodka possible. To accomplish this we distill the Vodka in small batches 6 times, being very careful to collect only the finest “cuts”.

After distillation the spirits are left unfiltered and allowed to rest. The Vodka is then blended with glacial spring water from the base of Mount Rainier.

We then hand bottle and label our Vodka for you to enjoy.

Our unique coffee liqueur redefines what you know as coffee liqueur.

Drip begins with a unique blend of coffee roasted by Seattle’s top artisan roasters. We then use a proprietary brew method to extract as much flavor as possible from the coffee while leaving behind the bitterness and acidity.

The coffee is then finished with our Rain City Vodka and just a touch of pure cane sugar…that’s it.

Think of an iced Americano with a kick.

Rain City Spirits Products

Small Batch Vodka
“Drip” Coffee Liqueur

Rain City Spirits Tours

Please e-mail to schedule tastings/tours. cory@drinkraincity.com

Always call ahead for Tour, Tasting Hours, and Additional Information

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