Sound Spirits Distillery

1630 15th Ave W. Seattle WA 98119

(206) 651-5166

Sound Spirits Distillery

Sound Spirits Distillery, is Seattle’s first craft distillery since Prohibition. We make our artisan spirits one slow batch at a time, with authentic methods using only the best ingredients.

Sound Spirits Distillery Products

Ebb + Flow Vodka is a single malt vodka made from 100% Palouse Malted Barley that has notes of vanilla and just a hint of natural sweetness. Unlike most mass market vodkas that are just water added to neutral grain spirits, we do mash, ferment and distill this one from scratch, grain to bottle. Best of Class – Drink Spirits

Ebb + Flow Gin is an amazing botanical spirit and was crafted to bring out the best in classic cocktails, with a rich balance of flavors: herbal, citrus and spice. Using a blend of malted barley and a neutral base, this gin has depth that other gins lack.
GOLD MEDAL – Beverage Tasting Institute

Sound Spirits Aquavit is a traditional Scandinavian spirit with caraway, dill, coriander, fennel and anise. It is light, spicy and balanced and is a pleasure to sip neat in the traditional chilled fashion or in a cocktail. Skol!

Sound Spirits Old Tom Gin honors a long lost style of gin by pulling back on the piney juniper and allowing the orange, cardamom and elder flower to come forward, with an added touch of sweetness. We gently rest it on oak for a month to produce a delicate but delectable balance of flavor. The Gin Is In – “This is my favorite Old Tom I’ve tasted.”

Depth Cacao is made with fair trade organic cacao nibs from Theo Chocolate. This liqueur is the essence of dark chocolate in liquid form. Nothing else on the market comes close to the complexity of depth and flavor. Have it up as a “chocolate martini” or in a classic cocktail like a Kentucky River.

Depth Menthe will defy what people have come to associate with this type of liqueur. Distilled with organic herbs instead of being made with artificial flavors or compounded oils, the recipe includes spearmint, sage, ginger, lemon balm and just a hint of cinnamon. We can see bartenders reviving Stingers and Grasshoppers!

Depth – Vow of Silence” Herbal Liqueur comes from a centuries old French recipe.  It is unique and complex and will amaze your taste buds.

Sound Spirits Distillery Awards

Best Seattle Distillery 2012
Ebb+Flow Gin – 90 Points – Beverage Tasting Institute

Sound Spirits Distillery Tours

Swing by our tasting room to try a sip and/or purchase a bottle.  Additionally, you can take a tour to learn about the art of craft distilling.  For larger groups, please call to make an appointment.

In our retail shop / tasting room, we have one of the best bitters collections in town.  We also sell shakers, jiggers, muddlers, glasses, flasks, tonics, ginger beers, cocktail books and more.

Mon 12pm-8pm,  Mash Day (sales, but no tours or tastings until 4:30pm)
Tue 12pm-8pm
Wed 12pm-8pm
Thu 12pm-8pm,  Mash Day (sales, but no tours or tastings until 4:30pm)
Fri 12pm-6pm
Sat 12pm-6pm
Sun 12pm-5pm

Always call ahead for Tour, Tasting Hours, and Additional Information

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