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Tatoosh Distillery

What began as a casual comment between two friends from West Seattle has now matured into the realization of an age-old dream; legally making spirits in the Pacific Northwest.  ”The moonshine tradition runs strong in the Tatoosh founders’ family history. His Scottish-Irish ancestors brought their skills and knowledge of whiskey-making with them as they settled in the state of Louisiana. Conditions in the area were good for growing grains, but it didn’t take long for his Great Great Grandfather to realize a lot more money could be made off of a gallon of grain liquor than a bushel of grain.

Troy Turner founded Tatoosh Distillery & Spirits based on his family’s moonshine history.  Mr Turner’s Great Great Grandfather was a moonshiner during the prohibition days in Louisiana – the heart of the Southern Moonshine movement.  ‘Willie’ as he was referred to by his family and moonshine friends, was so good at his craft, the law finally caught up with him and was given the choice of going to jail or getting out of town.  So Willie and his brother chose the later and headed North on the rails ending up in Seattle.
But the moonshine tradition continued through the generations in the Pacific Northwest.  Moving forward a number of generations, Troy Turner grew up with moonshine like the Italians grow up with wine on the table.  Mr Turner wanted to bring the family heritage of not only moonshine but quality spirits to the masses.  So in 2008 Mr Turner started the steps to refine the family recipes and partnered with a fellow moonshiner to bring their first batch to the public, but only this time – Legally!

The Pacific Northwest provides ideal conditions for making quality handcrafted spirits; a perfect climate, the purest natural mountain water, quality grains, and consumers who are passionate about small-batch artisanal products. From grain to glass, we take great care with all of our spirits. We’re proud to have captured a local flavor while leaving a smaller footprint on the environment.

These days, we don’t have to hide from the law to make our ‘shine on the bank of a back creek in the woods.  We have replaced the old Fords and Chevys with modern semi-trucks for hauling, and the law is not looking to confiscate and destroy our stills. Yes indeed, things are looking clear and bright here in the Emerald City of Seattle, Washington.

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