Arizona Distilling Company

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Arizona Distilling Company

Arizona Distilling Co. is a Microdistillery specializing in small batches of Whiskey, Gin and 100% Blue Agave Spirit (tequila). These will be our first three spirits that we will launch. Rum will not be far behind, once it is done aging.

Copper City Bourbon Made in Downtown Tempe by Arizona Distilling Company

If you’ve seen the historic-looking Copper City Bourbon bottle springing up around town at your favorite watering holes, like Casey Moore’s, Little Woody and even Tucson’s historic Club Congress, you probably didn’t get a chance to read the back label. If you did, you’d have read the story of the Copper City Brewery, which was shut down during prohibition, and how Arizona Distilling Co. is keeping it local and reviving the history of the defunct beer-maker in making locally-produced spirits.

Not since the prohibition era has hard liquor been legally distilled in the Phoenix-metro area (if it has, at least it’s been awfully rare), but Yucca Tap Room’s Rodney Hu, a Tempe native, and a few of his long-time friends think it’s time that changed. After seven years of training with pros across the country, carefully sourcing local grains and wading through legal mumbo-jumbo and outdated laws, Arizona Distilling Co. is finally pumping out a bourbon made right in downtown Tempe that’s already creating a buzz (pun intended) with its smooth finish.

Because we’re micro Jason [Grossmiller] has the ability to do certain things that a giant producer can’t do efficiently like we can do with the smaller batches to make it a little bit smoother,” says partner Jon Eagan.

That smoothness is specifically attributed to the cold filtering which distillers Grossmiller and his partnerMatt Cummins use to process the bourbon. It also helps the aesthetic of the bourbon by retaining its translucence even when iced. However, the guys of Arizona Distilling Co. aren’t stopping at bourbon.

While working on their new distillery, Grossmiller went to Las Vegas to distil a single grain whiskey made with desert durum wheat from Casa Grande, a grain commonly shipped from Arizona to Italy to make pasta. Grossmiller believes that as Kentucky has its corn and thus its bourbon and the northeast has its traditional ryes, the durum wheat whiskey could be an iconic Arizona spirit in years to come. He also adds that the rye that they made in Las Vegas is locally aging nicely at their distillery.

This is a taste of Arizona,

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