Caskwerks Distillery

1920 E University Ave Suite 105, Tempe, Arizona 85281

Caskwerks Distillery

CaskWerks Distilling Co. is a dream many years in the making. The result of a collective vision, the journey has taken the founders on an odyssey filled with hope, inspiration and small victories. At times this project was believed to be dead but like the mighty Phoenix, it rose from the ashes.

Reminiscent of days gone by, you will never see an automated still in our small production facility. Many of the giant spirits brands use equipment that would remind most people of an oil refinery. That kind of equipment may be most profitable but can never convey the passion or craftsmanship that will come through in our products.

Those intangibles cannot be bought, manufactured, or manipulated; they seem to evolve purely and organically when intention, desire and creativity are all present and in harmony.

Throughout history, casks have played a significant role in the aging of spirits, wine, beer and even balsamic vinegar. There is something almost magical that develops while a spirit is in a cask. Though this phenomenon of spirit contacting wood, it develops character. This character can be both subtle and bold at times imparting both colors and flavors that cannot be replicated in another process.

The making of a cask is almost a lost art in itself. Throughout history, generations of coopers have passed down this craft. The cask is tribute to the timeless art of aging brown spirits.

Caskwerks Distillery Products

Apple Pie Liqueur

Caskwerks Distillery Tours

We want to extend an invitation to you to visit our facility and meet our distillers, John and Rick. Visit the tasting room to try the product first hand or even take a workshop on the subject. We strive to be a part of the community and create a place and products where people can be proud to call their local brand.

Always call ahead for Tour, Tasting Hours, and Additional Information

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