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Distillery Tours in Alabama, AL – Craft Distillery Tours, Distillery Tastings, Events, Micro-Distilleries, Craft Distillers. If you are looking for Craft Distillers or Distillery Tours in Alabama we have them all listed with full details, Tour times, tasting room hours, and a map to help you locate other nearby distilleries.

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Mad County Winery Tours

Mad County Winery LLC


121 Castle Dr. Huntsville AL 35758

Mad County Winery LLC The Williams family of Mad County are a very close group that share many common interest. The first and foremost is of course looking after each other.Read more…

High Ridge Spirits Tours

High Ridge Spirits


Bullock County Road 7 Stills Crossroads AL 36081

High Ridge Spirits Alabama’s first legal distillery since Prohibition has opened in a county famous for producing illegal whiskey. High Ridge Spirits operates in a former horse barn in rural Bullock County. Its shiny metal tanks and spotless concrete floor look like any food processing facility.Read more…