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Distillery Tours by State and City across the United States and Canada. Includes Craft Distilleries, Micro-Distilleries, Distillery Tours, and Tastings. New Distilleries added every week. Hundreds of Distillery locations and tours listed, growing each month. We currently have over 700 Craft Distilleries listed with detail information about facilities, events, tasting and distillery tours.

Fainting Goat Spirits

Fainting Goat Spirits

115 W Lewis St, Greensboro, North Carolina 27406, United States

Fainting Goat Spirits Fainting goats are an oddity in the animal kingdom. While peculiar, their rarity makes them preferred by farmers and breeders alike. A fainting goat isn’t concerned when it does things differently because its whole life is a series of ups and downs.Read more…

Pinetop Distillery

Pinetop Distillery

(919) 999-9999

1053 E Whitaker Mill Rd, Raleigh, North Carolina 27604, United States

Pinetop Distillery Our products are the result of three separate operations: 1) Mashing and Fermentation, 2) Primary Distillation, and 3) Secondary Distillation.  Mashing and Fermentation serves to make the sugars present in the corn and grain available for our yeast.Read more…

Dragon Moonshine Company

Dragon Moonshine Company

516 E 15th St, Charlotte, North Carolina 28206, United States

Dragon Moonshine Company Dragon Moonshine was born out of a hobby that began over twenty years ago when our founder was a young Army helicopter pilot, making moonshine out of a makeshift still in the barracks.Read more…

Doc Porter's Distillery

Doc Porter’s Distillery


232 Peterson Dr, Charlotte, NC 28217, United States

Doc Porter’s Distillery Making top shelf grain to glass spirits in the city we love is our passion. Thanks for becoming part of the movement to drink local and supporting craft products. Meet Doc Porter, officially Dr. Richard Porter. He’s my grandfather and the inspiration behind this adventure.Read more…

Whitefish Handcrafted Spirits

Whitefish Handcrafted Spirits

(406) 730-2282

204 Wisconsin Ave, Whitefish, Montana 59937, United States

Whitefish Handcrafted Spirits Have you ever had a taste or a smell that instantly transported you back to that time and place where you originally had it? A physical sense that becomes woven into the very fabric of a memory? At Whitefish Handcrafted Spirits we do our best to make…Read more…

Dry Hills Distillery Tours

Dry Hills Distillery

(406) 624-6713

106 Village Center Lane, Bozeman, Montana 59718, United States

Dry Hills Distillery We are fifth generation farmers with roots dating back to 1905, where our great great grandfather Jacob Droge homesteaded in the area known as the Dry Hills. Over 100 years later this same farm is now known as Droge Farm, Inc.Read more…

Restless Spirits Distilling Company

Restless Spirits Distilling Company

(816) 492-6868

109 East 18th Avenue, Kansas City, MO 64116, United States

Restless Spirits Distilling Company The same tired tastes have haunted you for long enough. It’s time to cast expectations aside and discover a sip of fine, new spirits that are proud to call Kansas City home.Read more…

Lifted Spirits Distillery

Lifted Spirits Distillery

(816) 866-1734

1732 Cherry St, Kansas City, Missouri 64108

Lifted Spirits Distillery It takes imagination to envision the look and feel of Lifted Spirits Distillery. As of early October, the 10,000-square-foot, two-story red brick building in the Crossroads Arts District is mostly dust and rubble on a concrete floor.Read more…

Tattersall Distilling Tours

Tattersall Distilling

(612) 584-4152

1620 Central Ave NE Ste 150 Minneapolis, MN 55413

Tattersall Distilling We believe in crafting the absolute best — in life, at the still and behind the bar. Passionate about taste. Committed to quality. Uncompromising every step of the way. Life is too short for anything less.Read more…

Lawless Distilling Company Tours

Lawless Distilling Company

2619 South 28th Avenue, Minneapolis, MN 55406, United States

Lawless Distilling Company Local. Craft. Small Batch. Yes, these words describe us, but they do not define us. First and foremost, Lawless Distilling Company is about community, past and present, which is evident in the stories that shape our spirits.Read more…

Gray Skies Distillery Tours

Gray Skies Distillery

(616) 893-3305

700 Ottawa Ave NW, Grand Rapids, MI 49503, United States

Gray Skies Distillery Like all great booze, Gray Skies spirits are a reflection of where they are made. The same Great Lake responsible for the atmosphere after which our distillery is named provides the water that we use to craft our spirits.Read more…

McClintock Distilling Tours

McClintock Distilling

(202) 557-9914

35 South Carroll Street, Frederick, Maryland, United States

McClintock Distilling It is our mission to embody the innovative and creative spirit of McClintock Young and never settle for the industry standard for high quality spirits. Keep an eye out for our small batch, limited release products in the future, using some unconventional (and delicious) ingredients.Read more…

Dragon Distillery Tours

Dragon Distillery

301-378 2514

1341 Hughes Ford Road, Suite 108, Frederick, MD 21701

Dragon Distillery Dragon Distillery is a small, veteran-owned business strongly rooted in the local Frederick, Maryland community. In the mid-1700s our family settled on a 200 acre tract of land about 25 miles away from the current distillery location.Read more…

Old Line Spirits Tours

Old Line Spirits

4401 Eastern Ave Baltimore MD 21224

Old Line Spirits Gold medal-winning whiskey finds a new generation of distillers Mark McLaughlin and Arch Watkins, former Naval Flight Officers with a lifelong love of whiskey met Bob Stilnovich, a founder of Golden Distillery while on a trip to Seattle.Read more…

White Tiger Distillery Tours

White Tiger Distillery


1625 Sonny Schulz Blvd., Suite E Stevensville, MD 21666

White Tiger Distillery Our mission at White Tiger Distillery is to bring the majestic East to the modern West by merging time-honored, traditional methods with present-day distillation techniques.Read more…

Five Foxes Spirits Tours

Five Foxes Spirits

271 Western Ave Lynn MA 1904

Five Foxes Spirits All of our Liqueurs are made using the same basic process. First, we take grain alcohol and add herbs, spices, and fruit to it. We then let this mixture sit for about a week.Read more…

West Fork Whiskey Co. Tours

West Fork Whiskey Co.

(317) 536-4478

8557 Zionsville Road, Indianapolis, IN 46268, United States

West Fork Whiskey Co. What started as two childhood friends jokingly discussing a business venture has evolved into something much more. Although both founders have full time jobs and families to consider, they still have dreams of something more.Read more…

Black Dog Distillery

Black Dog Distillery


10038 Clow Creek Road, Plainfield, IL 60585, USA

Black Dog Distillery Welcome to Black Dog Distillery, we are a craft distillery to be located in Plainfield, Illinois. Our products will come to life  in our small batch 200 gallon custom crafted still.Read more…