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Distillery Tours in New York, NY – Craft Distillery Tours, Distillery Tastings, Events, Micro-Distilleries, Craft Distillers. If you are looking for Craft Distillers or Distillery Tours in New York we have them all listed with full details, Tour times, tasting room hours, and a map to help you locate other nearby distilleries.

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Moto Spirits Distillery


5 Central Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, United States

Moto Spirits Distillery At Moto Spirits Distillery, we make small batch, rice-based whiskeys and specialty spirits discovered during motorcycle trips around the world. Handcrafted in America’s first rice whiskey distillery, adventurous spirits inspired by travel and made in Brooklyn, New York.Read more…

Heights Distilling Co. Tours

Heights Distilling Co.

63 Flushing Ave, Brooklyn, New York, NY 11205, United States

Heights Distilling Co. Heights Distilling Company is a small-scale distillery run by a husband-wife team and located in the historical Navy Yard in Brooklyn, New York.Read more…

Mohawk Spirits Distillery Tours

Mohawk Spirits Distillery

72 Cliff St, Canajoharie, NY 13317, United States

Mohawk Spirits Distillery Mohawk Spirits Distillery is located in the heart of the scenic Mohawk Valley of upstate New York. We source our fruit and spring water from New York. We are a private business and do not offer tours at this time.Read more…

Twin Stills Moonshine Tours

Twin Stills Moonshine


5506 Sound Ave, Riverhead, NY 11901, United States

Twin Stills Moonshine Each of our MOONSHINE recipes uses only the finest natural corn, barley, and other natural ingredients to combine for a fine tasting spirit. The smoothness of each swallow is unsurpassed. Experience our quality for yourself. Come in and  have a taste.Read more…

Applewood Distillery Tours

Applewood Distillery

(845) 988-9000

82 Four Corners Rd, Warwick, New York 10990

Applewood Distillery Applewood Distillery is dedicated creating the finest tree to bottle spirits. We started Applewood Winery as a farm winery in 1995.Read more…

Murray's Fools Distilling Co. Tours

Murray’s Fools Distilling Co.

2229 Rand Hill Rd, Altona, NY 12910, United States

Murray’s Fools Distilling Co. Honoring heritage and embracing innovation, Murray’s Fools Distilling Co. creates small batch distilled spirits fashioned for those who live for nature’s quiet moments and freedom of self.Read more…

Gardiner Liquid Mercantile Tours

Gardiner Liquid Mercantile


273 State Route 208, New Paltz, NY 12561, United States

Gardiner Liquid Mercantile Surrounded by amazing local wineries, Breweries, Cider Makers, Farmers, Coffee Roasters, and Distillers, Gardiner Liquid Mercantile is the center of the local craft world.Read more…

Last Shot Distillery Tours

Last Shot Distillery

(315) 427-2486

4022 Mill Rd, Skaneateles, NY 13152, United States

Last Shot Distillery Last Shot Distillery opened its doors in December 2015. The distillery is located two miles from downtown Skaneateles, NY. Last Shot has built its home on a historically significant site.Read more…

Niagara Craft Spirits Distillery Tours

Niagara Craft Spirits Distillery


4408 Ridge Road, Lockport, Cambria, New York 14094, United States

Niagara Craft Spirits Distillery A NYS Farm Distillery in the Right-To-Farm community of Cambria, NY, within 5 easy driving miles of 7 the wineries on the Niagara Wine Trail.Read more…

Four Fights Distilling

Four Fights Distilling


363 e E Market St, Corning, NY, United States

Four Fights Distilling MATTHEW BOWERS IS A CORNING LOCAL, FATHER, NERD, AND ALL-ROUND NICE GUY. He combined his operator hands, engineer mind, and relentless hobby-love, and took his popular home liquor to a new level of nerd when he invested in a copper still.Read more…

Union Grove Distillery

Union Grove Distillery


43311 State Hwy 28 PO Box 424 Arkville, NY 12406

Union Grove Distillery Union Grove Distillery is a new “Farm Licensed” craft distillery located in Arkville, New York in the beautiful Catskill Mountains.Read more…

Niagara Distilling Company

Niagara Distilling Company


459 Ellicott St, Buffalo, NY 14203, United States

Niagara Distilling Company Niagara Distilling Company LLC is a farm to bottle distillery located in Buffalo, NY. We use all organic grain  that is mashed, fermented, and then distilled in our process in order to provide our customers with the best quality end product.Read more…

Old Home Distillers Tours

Old Home Distillers


964 Campbell Road, Earlville, Lebanon, NY 13332, United States

Old Home Distillers We operate a family-run New York Farm Distillery at our historic property in rural Lebanon, New York, at the geographic heart of New York State. We produce small batch hand-crafted distilled spirits featuring locally-grown ingredients.Read more…

Tommyrotter Distillery

Tommyrotter Distillery


500 Seneca Street, Buffalo, NY 14204, United States

Tommyrotter Distillery Our creative process is inspired by the Tommyrotters’ Club, a band of rebellious craftsmen and artisans in the early 20th century who broke rank from the Arts and Crafts Movement to create for creation’s sake. They sought adventure, mischief and inspiration in nature.Read more…

Honeoye Falls Distillery Tours

Honeoye Falls Distillery


168 West Main Street, Honeoye Falls, NY 14472, United States

Honeoye Falls Distillery We are a group of seasoned individuals whose passion is to create the highest quality spirits from locally sourced grains and malts from right here in Western NY.Read more…

DikinDurt Distillery Tours

DikinDurt Distillery


115 Smith Rd, Herkimer, New York 13350, United States

DikinDurt Distillery The dream for DikinDurt Distillery began one starry fall night in Herkimer, New York with two friends, Eric and Beth, over a back yard fire and a bottle of whiskey.  That blazing fire ignighted their imaginations and their passion for great whiskey.  It’s how DikinDurt began.Read more…

Lakeward Spirits Tours

Lakeward Spirits

(716) 796-4651

65 Vandalia Street, Buffalo, NY 14204, United States

Lakeward Spirits The Great Lakes, home to nearly 21 percent of the world’s fresh water, have shaped the development of our nation.Read more…

Good Shepherd Distilling Tours

Good Shepherd Distilling

360 Mt Pleasant Ave - Store E Mamaroneck NY, 10543

Good Shepherd Distilling Good Shepherd Distillery has successfully obtained the necessary State and Federal Licensing.  At the moment we do not have a product on the market as we are currently fine tuning our recipes and the day to day operations.Read more…

Gristmill Distillers Tours

Gristmill Distillers

(518) 527-8131

NY-73 Scenic, Keene, NY 12942, United States

Gristmill Distillers Combining our love of the mountains and our love of good whiskey made perfect sense when setting out to create spirits of our own.Read more…

Black Squirrel Distillery

Black Squirrel Distillery

(716) 249-1122

1595 Elmwood Ave, Buffalo, NY 14207, United States

Black Squirrel Distillery Black Squirrel Distillery is a New York limited liability company operating a distilled spirits plant under a New York class D farm distillery license.Read more…