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Distillery Tours in Ohio, OH – Craft Distillery Tours, Distillery Tastings, Events, Micro-Distilleries, Craft Distillers. If you are looking for Craft Distillers or Distillery Tours in Ohio we have them all listed with full details, Tour times, tasting room hours, and a map to help you locate other nearby distilleries.

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Doc Howard’s Distillery


3645 Lane Rd, Suite 203, Perry, Ohio, 40081

Doc Howard’s Distillery – Perry Ohio Doc has been busy brewing with his wife acting as his right hand. If production stays on schedule Doc Howard’s Distillery should be open the first week of November.Read more…

Hidden Lakes Distillery Tours

Hidden Lakes Distillery


Hidden Lakes Distillery 650 Winchester Pike Canal Winchester, OH 43110

Hidden Lakes Distillery In 1864, our forefathers settled in Pfeifer, Kansas raising corn, barley, wheat and fruit.  Our family mastered the art of distilling the right grains to make the finest Moonshine characteristics found anywhere.Read more…

Hocking Hills Moonshine Tours

Hocking Hills Moonshine


519 East Front Street, Logan, OH 43138, United States

Hocking Hills Moonshine Welcome to Hocking Hills Moonshine located in the heart of the Hocking Hills at 519 East Front Street, Logan, OH 43138. The only place in Ohio where you can get your shine, a history lesson and the experience of a lifetime. Brian St.Read more…

Oak N' Harbor Distillery

Oak N’ Harbor Distillery


136 West Water Street, Oak Harbor, Ohio 43449, United States

Oak N’ Harbor Distillery Our story is simple.  I quit consuming grain based products in January of 2012 to get in shape.  This included bread, buns, deserts, and beer (any idea how hard it is to be an American and not eat a hot dog with a bun?).Read more…

Buckeye Distillery Tours

Buckeye Distillery

(937) 877-1901

130 West Plum Street, Tipp City, OH 45371, United States

Buckeye Distillery Welcome To Buckeye Distillery, Our fine liqueurs are produced from the best ingredients available. Every batch is closely watched and monitored to guarantee a deep rich flavor. These are all natural products with no artificial flavoring or coloring added.Read more…

Red Eagle Distillery Tours

Red Eagle Distillery


6202 South River Road West, Geneva, OH 44041, United States

Red Eagle Distillery About Red Eagle Distillery – Because we strive to offer the best guest experience possible, and we recognize not everyone loves bourbon as much as we do….. We Have 10 rotating craft beers on tap including several “bourbon” barrel offerings.Read more…

Mill St. Distillery Tours

Mill St Distillery


10 Mill St, Utica, Ohio 43080, United States

Mill St Distillery Our love and passion for distilled spirits was born of age old tradition. We collectively enjoyed and explored distilleries of the Old World, and through our experiences, began to dream of a day when we would establish our own. Mill St.Read more…

Belle of Dayton Tours

Belle of Dayton

(937) 867-2355

122 Van Buren St, Dayton, OH 45402, United States

Belle of Dayton A whiskey bottle etched with “Belle of Dayton” was unearthed in downtown Dayton. Historians surmise that local liquor merchant Solomon Rauh and Sons may have sold this whiskey, hitching their fortunes to the ebb and flow of the Dayton economy.Read more…

White Wolf Spirits Tours

White Wolf Spirits


Hamilton, Ohio, United States

White Wolf Spirits Once, moonshine was hidden in secrecy, and shady dealings, the clear shine was available only if you knew someone who knew someone. Now it can be yours.Read more…

Renaissance Artisan Distillery Tours

Renaissance Artisan Distillery


915 Home Ave Akron Ohio 44310

Renaissance Artisan Distillery Prior to prohibition there were a plethora of small artisan distilleries in United States. These small distilleries made unique products with locally sourced ingredients. In 1933 prohibition was  repealed and there were only  a handful of small distilleries left.Read more…

Woodstone Creek Tours

Woodstone Creek


4712 Vine Street, St Bernard, OH 45217, United States

Woodstone Creek As a true artisan winery and boutique distillery, Woodstone Creek produces 100-200 cases of wine, mead and distilled spirit yearly.Read more…

Seven Brothers Distilling Company Tours

Seven Brothers Distilling Company


7755 BRAKEMAN RD Cleveland OH 44077

Seven Brothers Distilling Company Seven Brothers Distilling Company is a small, family owned micro-distillery located in rural Ohio where grain and fresh water are plentiful. Our founder, Kevin Suttman, first attempted to make alcohol at the age of 13 years old.Read more…

S and G Artisan Distillery Tours

S and G Artisan Distillery


305 N. Walnut Street, Suite J Yellow Springs OH 45387

S and G Artisan Distillery S and G Artisan Distillery, LLC is a small-batch distillery dedicated to hand-crafting fine spirits, exceptional schnaps, and unusual liqueurs. Founded by Meg Solomon-Gujer, Steven Gujer and Hajo Scheuner in 2011, S and G made its home in the community of Yellow Springs, Ohio.Read more…

Watershed Distillery Logo

Watershed Distillery


1145 Chesapeake Ave, Suite D Columbus, OH 43212

Watershed Distillery Watershed Distillery was founded by Greg Lehman and Dave Rigo in 2010, but the idea to start a distillery was conceived years earlier while Lehman was playing professional volleyball in Switzerland.Read more…

Tomsfoolery Tours

Tomsfoolery Distillery

7150 Country Lane Chagrin Falls OH 44023

Tomsfoolery Distillery A family owned distillery using traditional methods to craft serious spirits–no foolin’ Tomsfoolery Products Currently producing Applejack, Sour Mash Bourbon and Rye. Our Applejack is hand-made, meaning that we actually “make it by hand.” You can also call it “small batch”.Read more…

Portside Distillery Tours

Portside Distillery

(216) 586-6633

983 Front Avenue Cleveland OH 44113

Portside Distillery Portside Distillery is a micro-brewery and artisan distillery located Downtown Cleveland. Our location borders the East Bank of the Flats and the Historic Warehouse District, and overlooks the Port of Cleveland and Lake Erie.Read more…

Middle West Spirits Tours

Middle West Spirits


1230 Courtland Avenue Columbus OH 43201

Middle West Spirits Inspired by four generations of distilling traditions in the Middle West family, the small enterprise built its foundation on the belief that authenticity in the world of artisan spirits meant handcrafting products from scratch, while celebrating the distinctive flavors of the Ohio River Valley.Read more…

John McCulloch Distillery Tours

John McCulloch Distillery


P.O. Box 112 Martinsville OH 45146

John McCulloch Distillery Founded in 1885, John McCulloch quickly gained popularity with his legendary Mountain Dew (Vodka). By 1897, Mountain Dew and Green River Whiskey were reputed as the best spirits in the world.Read more…

Indian Creek Distillery Tours

Indian Creek Distillery


7095 Staley Road New Carlisle OH 45344

Indian Creek Distillery That would be Joe and me, I am the 6th generation of the Staley family to own and live on our family farmstead. Both of our family backgrounds are generational entrepreneurs; individuals with vision, who kept a watchful eye on the past.Read more…

Fifth Element Spirits Logo

Fifth Element Spirits

(740) 696-1159

41496 Bearwallow Ridge Rd. Shade OH 45776

Fifth Element Spirits Dancing Tree Distillery now known as Fifth Elements Spirits proudly offers handcrafted spirits created 100% on premises from near-at-hand grains, fruits, herbs and roots. Located in Meigs County, Ohio.Read more…