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Rhode Island

Distillery Tours in Rhode Island, RI – Craft Distillery Tours, Distillery Tastings, Events, Micro-Distilleries, Craft Distillers. If you are looking for Craft Distillers or Distillery Tours in Rhode Island we have them all listed with full details, Tour times, tasting room hours, and a map to help you locate other nearby distilleries.

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Newport Distilling Company Tours

Newport Distilling Company


293 JT Connell Rd, Newport, RI O2840

Newport Distilling Company     It isn’t surprising to hear that 4 guys from college came up with an idea to start a brewery. What may be surprising is that these guys are all still great friends and the brewery is still growing after over a decade.Read more…

Sons of Liberty Spirits Company Tours

Sons of Liberty Spirits Company


1425 Kingstown Road South Kingstown RI 2879

Sons of Liberty Spirits Company At the Sons of Liberty Spirits we believe being American means taking a stand without compromise and fearlessly pursuing your dreams no matter what stands in your way.Read more…