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Distillery Tours in Washington, WA – Craft Distillery Tours, Distillery Tastings, Events, Micro-Distilleries, Craft Distillers. If you are looking for Craft Distillers or Distillery Tours in Washington we have them all listed with full details, Tour times, tasting room hours, and a map to help you locate other nearby distilleries.

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21 Window Distillery Tours

21 Window Distillery

(509) 720-7375

204 S Koren Rd Suite 100, Spokane Valley, Washington 99212

21 Window Distillery I am a true small batch craft distillery located in Spokane, Washington. I ferment Washington State apples into a fantastic cider and then artfully distill it into an extremely smooth and unique vodka.Read more…

Our/Seattle Vodka

Our/Seattle Vodka

(206) 782-6352

1836 NW Market St, Seattle, WA 98107, United States

Our/Seattle Vodka Seattle entrepreneurs Nin Truong and Stephen Pleadwell, along with collaborator Christa Thomas, are excited to team up with Pernod Ricard to be part of the Our/Vodka global family. The three handle Our/Seattle’s local sales, distribution and marketing; bringing their own unique vision to the brand.Read more…

Nightside Distillery

Nightside Distillery


2908 Meridian Avenue East #116, Edgewood, WA, United States

Nightside Distillery Tom Greene, Founder: Coming up with a name was the hard part. I knew it needed to represent the business well and convey my outlook on it. I chose “Nightside” because for years I worked nights on the docks, and thats what we called it.Read more…

Eagle Cliffs Distillery Tours

Eagle Cliffs Distillery

(360) 501-6085

160 Whitewater Rd, Longview, WA 98632, United States

Eagle Cliffs Distillery Eagle Distilleries Company was founded by the late MUDIEB MOUSA HADDAD who was one of the early pioneer industrialists of this country. In 1973, he also established M. Haddad & Sons Co.Read more…

Cougar Red Distillery Tours

Cougar Red Distillery


1252 Orville Boyd Rd, Pullman, Washington 99163, United States

Cougar Red Distillery Cougar Red Distillery, LLC is located in the rolling hills of Pullman, WA. CRD was founded by Allen Paton in 2014 and production began in the spring of 2015. We pride ourselves on making quality craft spirits from local agriculture.Read more…

Scratch Distillery Tours

Scratch Distillery

(425) 442-7306

190 Sunset Ave South, Suite A, Edmonds, Washington 98020

Scratch Distillery Kimberley & Bryan Karrick’s abbreviated photo log of the journey to provide awesome spirits, and a great venue, to our friends, neighbors, and community.Read more…

Tatoosh Distillery Tours

Tatoosh Distillery


Seattle, WA, United States

Tatoosh Distillery What began as a casual comment between two friends from West Seattle has now matured into the realization of an age-old dream; legally making spirits in the Pacific Northwest.  ”The moonshine tradition runs strong in the Tatoosh founders’ family history.Read more…

Four Leaf Spirits Tours

Four Leaf Spirits

12280 NE Woodinville Dr, Woodinville, Washington 98072, United States

Four Leaf Spirits Four Leaf Spirits is a Micro Distillery coming soon to Woodinville, WA, a wine making, beer brewing and spirits distilling destination just northeast of Seattle, WA.  Four Leaf Spirits was founded by Tom and Matt, long time friends and co-workers.Read more…

Sandstone Distillery Tours

Sandstone Distillery


842 Wright Rd SE, Tenino, WA 98589, United States

Sandstone Distillery At Sandstone Distillery, we hand-craft each batch of spirits from Washington-grown grains, carefully fermented and artfully distilled at just the right moment to bring the finest of the spirit to your bottle…spirits worthy of the Sandstone tradition! We start and finish our spirits with pure, fresh, Pacific Northwest…Read more…

JP Trodden Distilling Tours

JP Trodden Distilling

(425) 286-2756

18646 142nd Ave NE, Woodinville, Washington 98072, United States

JP Trodden Distilling J.P. Trodden Distilling is dedicated to the high standards of distilling Bourbon Whiskey and only Bourbon Whiskey. Our taste is on the nose, bold, and rich with an inviting spiciness and caramel, oak, anise and stone fruit left on the palate.Read more…

Carbon Glacier Distillery Tours

Carbon Glacier Distillery

(360) 989 - 9700

PO BOX 334 533 Church Street Wilkeson, WA 98396

Carbon Glacier Distillery Chris is from Kentucky and dreamt of going back there after finishing his service in the Navy, hoping to work in one of the big named bourbon distilleries.Read more…

Blind Pig Spirits Tours

Blind Pig Spirits

(360) 736-1033

719 North Tower Avenue, Centralia, WA 98531, United States

Blind Pig Spirits The term “Blind Pig” originated in the United States in the nineteenth century; it was applied to lower-class establishments that sold alcoholic beverages illegally.Read more…

Meriwether Distilling Company Tours

Meriwether Distilling Company

5840 Airport Way S, Seattle, Washington 98108, United States

Meriwether Distilling Company Owner and distiller Whitney D. Meriwether has always had a passion for the finer things. When a three month backpacking trip through Europe turned into a two year stay, Whitney began developing his spirit palate.Read more…

Parliament Distillery Tours

Parliament Distillery


14209 29th St E Suite 104, Sumner, WA 98390

Parliament Distillery We at Parliament Distillery consider ourselves to be a small craft distillery. To us craft means passion and quality, both of which we think we have in spades. Ghost Owl whisky is distilled and bottled by hand in very small batches.Read more…

Deception Distilling Tours

Deception Distilling


9946 Padilla Heights Rd, Anacortes, WA 98221, United States

Deception Distilling The concept for Deception Distillery came about in February 2012, when Washington State voters told our state government to get out of the liquor business and allow store and bar managers to carry products based on the preferences of their customers.Read more…

Swede Hill Distilling Tours

Swede Hill Distilling

(509) 930-3499

Yakima, Wasington, USA

Swede Hill Distilling It started with an apple… Swede Hill Distilling is a true Craft Distillery located in Yakima, Washington. From the inception, our mission was to create a product and produce it to the best of our ability. The raw material we chose was the apple.Read more…

Valley Shine Distillery Tours

Valley Shine Distillery

(360) 853-6702

22648 Chestnut Pl Mount Vernon, WA 98273

Valley Shine Distillery Valley Shine Distillery is a premier boutique distillery nestled in the foot hills of the Cascade Mountains.   Our unique Mount Vernon Washington location is a convenient and scenic drive from Seattle or Vancouver BC.  Our craft distillery offers visitors valley and mountain views while they sit on the patio and…Read more…

Seabeck Spirits Tours

Seabeck Spirits


7421 Turko Lane Northwest, Seabeck, WA 98380, United States

Seabeck Spirits Seabeck Spirits is a home distillery operating a few miles from downtown Seabeck, just past Big Beef Creek and above the marina, with a beautiful view of the Olympic Mountains.Read more…

2 Loons Distillery Tours

2 Loons Distillery


3950 3rd Ave, Loon Lake, Washington 99148, United States

2 Loons Distillery At 2 Loons Distillery our objective is to offer high quality, craft-distilled spirits that can be enjoyed on their own or mixed.  All of our artisan spirits are made locally in small batches with local Washington fruits and grains. 2 Loons in Loon Lake.Read more…

Riversands Distillery Tours

Riversands Distillery


19 W Canal Dr, Kennewick, Washington 99336, United States

Riversands Distillery Our process and formulas have been perfected over the years using Washington State Red Mountain Grapes and Cascade Mountain Spring Water. This has ultimately created a very special Vodka and Gin Spirit you’ll Love to indulge in.Read more…